Bread, good story. With grain from Europe

This 2-year follow up campaign debunks myths and shares substantive stories about bread. Based on various bread stories, the campaign enthuses people about bread as part of a healthy and conscious lifestyle. Whole grain bread is the hero of the campaign, a shining example of all the goodness of bread. The substantive yet light-hearted bread stories that we tell in the campaign fit in very well with what people need nowadays.

Love story – an ode to bread

No product is as versatile as bread. Baguette, whole grain, white or brown. Made of wheat, spelt, maize or multigrain. With currants, kernels, seeds or nuts. From sweet cinnamon to savoury sausage rolls. From French croissant to German Kaiser. Many choices, so there is something for everyone. To honour and promote all those favourites: this love story.

Strong story –

Bread contains lots of proteins. Does that seem true to you? It actually is. Two slices of whole grain bread contain more protein than one egg. And that’s nice, because proteins are very important. They are needed to run, jump, fly, dive, fall, get up and keep going. Whether you are a bodybuilder or a couch potato. Proteins are special.

So give yourself some extra flour power today and enjoy, for example, an egg sandwich.