Bread from Europe – a great story


Last years the image of bread has changed by several reasons, also the bread consumption pattern changed dramatically. This results in a decline of bread volume in both the Netherlands and Belgium.

The aim of this 3 years project is giving a positive boost on volume of bread consumption and image of bread in general, using good communication.

Using 5 important values will help with good communication.

  • Bread is tasteful and delicious, let’s make sure that the campaign evokes the same feelings as the smell of freshly baked bread.
  • Bread is nutritious, it is a perfect combination of energy and important bio active components, such as fibres, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Let’s stick to reliable expert based information.
  • Bread is versatile, let’s show its versatility via all kinds and sorts and usage occasions.
  • Bread is convenient and can be consumed all day, let’s talk about consumption moments.
  • Bread is part of our European heritage. No other continent than Europe has such a rich bread culture. The European community in its early days started with the common agricultural policy to establish the rich grain fields which nowadays provide the essential cereals for our bread. Bread is part of our history. Bread has got great symbolic value, it creates bonds between people.